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Zeniko took baby steps into the world of gifts for children in 2015 .Zeniko-bags has been into creation and production of unique gifts filled with fun for kids. Kids are full of ideas and we create a range mix of fantasy and realism, which is shared as gift for their own friends or for personal use.It offers a range of handcrafted products like pouches , folders , bags for children in the age group of 2 -10 yrs.The products are made of child –safe , lightweight , durable  and up-cycled materials . We make customized products to suit kids requirements .It has been constant endeavour to give shape to kids ideas and to make children happy.


Return gift for birthday party, baby shower, Bags, pouches , clip hangers , organizer, calendar, swim bags , towels and many more 


It is managed by a team of experienced creative professionals and is sourced ethically.

Zeniko is a registered brand focusing on the utmost quality with a competitive price range.


We invite queries for bulk orders (wholesale) and retailers

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