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Good design is sustainable design 

Zeniko World Pte. Ltd.

Zeniko World was created out of the desire to fulfil the sustainable sourcing needs of small and big fashion brands .Our goal was to create a platform that is accessible to all , who wants to develop and source sustainable quality fashion products from various parts of the world. We not only help to source but also curate a collection of bags and shoes suitable for the brand. We started with designing and sourcing , and now to share our knowledge and passion for sustainable fashion and art we expanded to  TALKS , WORKSHOPS, TRIPS , TRAININGS 

ZENIKO CREATIVES ART ACADEMY ( ZCAA ), a subsidiary of Zeniko World Pte. Ltd., was formed in 2015 with a vision to cultivate interest in visual Art among kids and adults. 



Our mission is to touch people's lives meaningfully through Fashion and Art to enable them to live

Creatively Happy . 



Our vision is to impact the society and our environment positively, though our work by creating a better place to live the only life we have and handover to next generation proudly.  

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