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Image by Steve Johnson

Art for children

Image by Paolo Gregotti

Art as therapy for adults



Concept Art work done by students of Zeniko Creatives Art Academy to design the T- shirt for the Academy 



    Student  Cambridge UK

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Zeniko Creatives Art Academy has been teaching kids art from around the world, Singapore,Malaysia,India, the UK, Dubai, and many more countries. The idea is to encourage children express themselves through the medium of art.

Since the pandemic hit the world beginning of 2020, art has been like therapy for a lot of individuals across the world. Zeniko Creatives Art Academy conducts art classes for adults as therapy. However a lot of those adults have taken it further as a permanent hobby and we are so proud to help them in their creative discovery.

Enrol for upcoming batch





Aparna is teaching Eshika for the past 2 years and I can see lots of positive improvement in my daughter. I am totally relaxed as a parent that my kid is getting all the required training to enhance her passion.

Thank you, Aparna for emboldening us



My kids have been attending art classes for the last 4yrs. Highly satisfied with the improvements in their drawing and colouring. Aparna is a very creative and patient teacher. Kids are encouraged to explore their creativity and imagination. Highly Recommended.



As a student of Zeniko Creatives for  1 .5 Years, the teacher kindled the love and passion for art in me.

I found the classes extremely effective and full of different mediums to choose from. There was a rapid improvement in whatever I did after joining the classes. I would definitely recommend this class because of the art-friendly surrounding and the extremely unique way of teaching. The teacher recognized my love for pencil shading and painting, and helped me pursue it step by step in many interesting ways.



My son has been taking classes under the guidance of Aparna since last 2 years. It is so well said that creativity and imagination has no boundaries and it is evident in my son's progress. I am extremely happy with his progress and his keen interest to excel in the field of art.

To master something you need proper guidance and need to know proper techniques too and these two most crucial qualities Aparna has in her.

Thank you for being such an awesome teacher to my son.